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Model Call

The Permanent Makeup Parlor is seeking models

for a new henna product & newly learned henna

technique. Interested individuals should:

1) Read all the information below entirely.

2) Click the "SIGN UP" button or

text 757-204-1845 with 

a clear, well-lit photo of the brow area.

Model requests are subject to approval. 

This alternative to the Glam Brow appears more natural & offers a variety of color options. This service includes brow grooming

(tweeze, trim, wax, razor).

DO NOT book if:

1) You do not consent to pictures & videos  

2) Have a history of an allergy to PPD/hair colors/dyes

3) Have any skin conditions/diseases in forehead/brow area

to include eczema/psoriasis/dermatitis or patchy/flaky skin.


Models must complete all required

paperwork & arrive on time.

There is NO grace period for model slots.

These slots cannot be rescheduled. 

No shows and late arrivals will result

in loss of the service fee.  



Models should be photogenic

Flexible schedule

 18 years old +

well - groomed hair for photos


All genders, ages, race,

ethnicities, nationalities

& hairstyles are welcomed. 
The brow specialist has an

increased need for models

that fit the following descriptions:

Fitzpatrick I & II skin types (fair skin)

Fitzpatrick VI skin type (dark brown/richly melanated skin)   

60 years & older

Males (styled with or without an arch)

Gray brow hair and/or gray head hair



Meet Your Brow Artist

Brittani Payton 

The Permanent Makeup Parlor strives to provide our clients with the best possible experience. The founder, Brittani, is a licensed permanent makeup artist and waxer that specializes in brow enhancements. With over 10 years of experience in healthcare as an Air Force veteran, she possesses a wealth of knowledge in customer service, patient safety, infection control and health conditions/disease processes. Quality service, safety and comfort for all of our clients are a top priority. Whether you’re looking for a temporary brow enhancement, or something permanent, we’ll consult with you for an option that meets your brow goals & is suitable for your skin type. Come on in and enjoy a CUSTOMIZED brow experience!


***CPR, First-Aid & Bloodborne Pathogen certified***

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Book Your Brow Experience

Contact Information

Suite Location

Located within The Beauty Bar By Chelly Jae

10 W. Queens Way, Suite 3

Hampton, VA 23669

Review this 40 second video in my Instagram feed for a visual on where the studio is located & recommended parking options. I will be unable to answer the phone and guide you if I am still with a client:


I am by appointment only! Walk-ins are not accepted at this time. 


The front door is unlocked at 9am Tuesday-Saturday. I will come to the lobby to greet you & walk you back to the suite. Please enjoy the complimentary coffee and vending amenities while you lounge before your appointment. 

I offer early bird & night owl appointments for an additional fee! Call or text to make arrangements. An appointment outside of what is offered on the schedule is never guaranteed. The brow artist must verify personal & professional calendar before accepting an appointment REQUEST. 


Business Number: 757-204-1845 


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